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Pandas vs. Skunks: A Civil War Story
Mixed-media installation and film by Zehra Khan and Tim Winn, in collaboration with students from the Cape Cod Community College

Pandas vs. Skunks: A Civil War Story is the result of a two-week collaborative effort between artists-in-residence Zehra Khan & Tim Winn and the students at the Cape Cod Community College.

Khan and Winn set out to build a site-specific installation chronicling the reenactment of a civil war battle between Pandas and Skunks.

Spectators heckle and cheer while the concession stand makes a killing. Re-enactors have long ago buried the hatchet, and come together to don the uniforms of their forefathers.

Working within the parameters of a battle reenactment and using the American Civil War as an aesthetic and technological reference point, students contributed drawings, sculptures, performances, music, and their time.

Using animal protagonists as stand-ins for human behavior, our art creates both narratives and fables. In Pandas vs. Skunks, we address a seemingly unnecessary conflict between like animals, the notion of history and forgiveness, and modern day consumerism and spectacle. While we used the American Civil War as a reference point, the piece is not about that conflict, but about war in general and the way we recount our memories, stories and legends.