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Mixed media installation and performance by Zehra Khan, created at an art residency at the Post-Contemporary, Troy, NY.  #installation #rat #zehrakhan #cigarette #bottle, #bikini #pinup #messageinabottle #costume #mask #performance #bodypainting
Last Cigarette
performance installation: acrylic paint on canvas, paper, bedsheets, and self
6 x 10 x 3'

To help break down this image:
I made a costume and bikini out of a bedsheet, and the mask is paper. I've painted on my arms and legs with acrylic paint. I'm balancing on a stool hidden by a fold of the paper bottle. The water background is a painting on canvas drop cloth.

My work does not use digital editing. I like paper tricks.

available as a photographic print, 20 x 27", edition of 15