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The Past Comes in Many Forms is a sculpture by Zehra Khan, acrylic on found blanket, 2014.  Rats frolic and canoodle in a garden scattered with beer bottles, cigarettes, donuts, TVs and books. Zehra was nominated as one of 10 Emerging New England Artists
The Past Comes in Many Forms
acrylic paint on bed comforter
86 x 93", double-sided

Rats cavort in a garden filled with flowers, thorns, TVs, donuts, cigarettes and beer bottles in an ode to Provincetown, MA.

One side was painted in 2009, and the other in 2014.

From an ongoing series of Bedsheets and Blankets. The comforter was found at the Truro Swap Shop and I used it to sleep in the Provincetown dunes one night.

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