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Artwork by Zehra Khan. #quilt #fakequilt #faketextiles #zehrakhan #zehrakhanart #textileart #contemporaryart #fakeries #autobiographicalquilt
Moniker Quilt
collage: ink on office paper
75 x 56 x 1/8"

from left to right:

Hey Babe - Hey Beloved - Hey Sweetpea
Hey Dearest - Hey Gorgeous
Hey Honeybunny - You Lie - Hey Fuck Face
Hey Fish Stick - Hey Sugar
Hey Baby - Hey Idiot - Hey Hunbun
Hey Darlin - You Are So Fucking Stupid
You Are Getting Fat So I Am Less Attracted To You - Hey Sweet Heart - Hey Sweetie Peetie
Hey Lovely - Hey Pumpkin
Just Forget It - Hey Hun - Hey Lovie