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henna body art performance
Henna on leaves on myself

I collected leaves from around my neighborhood. I live in Chicago, Illinois, in the middle of the USA.
I painted the leaves in henna and imprinted them onto my body.

My father is from Pakistan
and he was born in Hyderabad, India.
My mother is from Idaho, USA.

Some important trees in my life:
the ginkgo tree near my school in Paris,
the catalpa tree in Provincetown that was struck by lightening,
all the maple trees that produce winged helicopter seeds, which I stick on my nose like a rhinoceros horn.

The henna came from a supermarket in Kathmandu, Nepal.
I was there one year ago,
living with a person named bug
in Jupiter’s family home.

Four years ago I was in Korea,
in the home Wongil and Moon built.
I painted shadows on my body
and played with stones.

This project was part of the Green Guerrilla 'nature-art' Workshop, Autumn 2022, Tank Arts Festival Oil Tank Culture Park, in Seoul, South Korea