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The Weasel Problem
filmed performance, in collaboration with Tim Winn Provincetown, MA
17 min

Zehra Khan and Tim Winn were offered a week of rustic living in a shack tucked in the isolated sand dunes of Provincetown, MA. But before embarking on their adventure, they overheard one of the shack caretakers say they had to check out “the weasel problem”. This raised lots of questions for them. The weasel problem? There are weasels living there? What are these weasels doing? What problems are they causing?

The weasel problems are many. Their naughty, playful relationship is as rickety as the shack. Is their aggressive behavior a desperate plea for attention and love; will their innate mischief erode the foundation of their trust? Navigating a harsh existence less frequently found in contemporary America, they exist without electricity, plumbing, or couples counseling.